Harrisville Fire Department - Fire DivisionThe Fire Division of the Harrisville Fire Department is very active. The Department now responds on a town-wide response for all structure fires and high hazard boxes within the Town of Burrillville. Presently, the Department has two engine companies, Engine 21 and Engine 22. Engine 21 is also licensed as a Basic Life Support (BLS) non-transporting vehicle. Both engines carry foam with Engine 21 carrying both Class"A" and Class "B" foam. Engine 22 carries just Class "B" foam and is equipped with a 400 gpm roof turret. Engine 22 is also part of the Southern New England foam task force. Both engines have 1500 gpm midship pumps.

Ladder 2 is a 100ft. mid-mount aerial equiped with various ventilation and heavy rescue equipment.

The department also has two forestry units, a 1999 Dodge and 1988 Chevy. Both are equipped with a 250 gallon water tank and several hundred feet of forestry hose, along with various forest fire fighting tools.

The Department currently has 25 members in the department certified in NFPA 1001 Level I or II. Eighteen members are certified Firefighter Level II and seven are certified Firefighter Level I. Also, six members are certified NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I and six members are certified NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor. Current Fire Officers are a Fire Captain who oversees two Engine Lieutenants and one Ladder Lieutenant